projektowanie CAD, inspekcje, konstrukcje stalowe

CAD Konstruktion, Fertigungsüberwachung, Stahlkonstruktionen

CAD design, inspections, steel structures


Our engineering office was established in 2002. Since its beginning, we have always highly valued professionalism, reliability and honesty. We remain open and tailor our services to meet our Clients' needs and expectations. What distinguishes us from our competition are innovation, long standing experience, comprehensive project execution and high quality of service. In our projects, we use latest CAD software solutions.

CAD services

We provide the following CAD services:
- design and drafting - steel constructions and machinery
- 3D modelling and manufacturing drawings
- layout drawings
- customer drawings
- static calculation
- assembly and detail (workshop) drawings
- introducing design changes and modifications into the existing documentation
- drafting on the basis of model/pattern
- paper to CAD drafting

- steel constructions
- structural engineering (working platforms, stairs)
- mechanical engineering
- recycling machinery
- machines parts
- tanks, containers
- sheet metal structures, casings, housings
- special machines and steelwork for industry

SolidWorks Premium, AutoCAD, SOFiSTiK, IntelliCAD, MS Office


Inspections, VT and PT testing

During Production Inspection
We offer production supervision by suppliers of steel constructions in Poland.Our team of professional quality control inspectors allows you to save time and money:
- production planing
- raw materials
- production status
- production quality

We're specialised in checking the steel structures
- VT visual testing (certificate EN 473)
- PT penetrant testing (standard EN ISO 3452-1: 2013), certificate EN ISO 9712: 2012 - PT2

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
- quality of end product (dimensions, welds, painting, galvanising)
- trial assembly
- marking, packing
- documentation rewiev
- shipment
After completion of the inspection, we send a fully detailed report with comments and photos.

Steel structures

Manufacturing Network
Thanks to close cooperation with manufacturers, we offer total deliveries of metal parts and welded constructions.
We provide supervision, coordination, quality control and transport arrangement. Our cooperators possess necessary qualifications and certificates (EN 1090-2).

- laser- and plasma cutting
- sawing
- CNC bending
- rolling sheet metal and profiles
- welding
- painting and galvanising
- assembling
- max. weight of workpiece 32 t

- machine-building industry
- power industry
- iron and steel industry
- building industry
- recycling branch
- mining industry
- tanks and containers


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